When replacing older equipment, today’s laundromat owners can leverage the energy-efficiency benefits of the latest, most technologically advanced machines available – thus, generating significant, across-the-board utility cost saves… month after month.

A roundtable panel of industry experts – featuring Brian Wallace, president and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association; Stephen Whalen, commercial laundry field service manager for Whirlpool Corp.; and Michael Buzzard, commercial laundry senior product manager for Whirlpool Corp.; along with moderator Cody Pearce of Nelson Schmidt – share their thoughts on how replacing older equipment can lower a store’s utility expenses.

Specifically, the panelists discuss:

  • How steadily rising utility costs, as well as growing water shortages in some parts of the country, have spurred greater demand for more water- and energy-efficient equipment.
  • How green, sustainable practices align perfectly with a sound laundromat business strategy.
  • How fully retooled laundromats can significantly slash the percentage of a laundromat’s gross revenues required to cover the costs of water, sewer, natural gas and electricity.
  • How additional utility efficiency improvements can be gained by replacing smaller washers with larger-capacity frontloading machines.

View a video of this conversation and learn how today’s new laundry equipment can positively impact your store’s bottom line by reducing your business’ overall water and energy usage.



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