When replacing older laundry equipment, today’s store owners have the opportunity to update their operations with the latest, most technologically advanced machines available, while at the same time enhancing the overall customer experience and reputation of their businesses.

This month, a roundtable panel of industry experts – featuring Brian Wallace, president and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association; Raina Bass, sales manager for Whirlpool Corp.; and Brian Grell, president of Eastern Funding – share their thoughts on how replacing older equipment can update your laundromat and boost customer perception of your business.

Specifically, the panelists discuss:

  1. How installing new equipment provides owners with the opportunity to add the most up-to-date controls designed to help manage profitability and provide a user-friendly experience.
  2. That an upgrade in equipment technology typically goes hand-in-hand with an increase in the types of payment options offered to the customer.
  3. How the benefits of an investment in equipment replacement can be further enhanced by making a few smaller investments designed to improve the look and feel of the laundromat.
  4. That a retool is an ideal time to add more convenient customer amenities – such as a wider array of food and beverage options, additional charging stations, upgraded television packages, and more.

View a video of this conversation and discover why new washers and dryers can mean not only an updated laundry business, but also a significant boost in the way customers perceive your laundromat.


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