Individuals and businesses alike are doubling down on the convenience of laundry services. The demand for cleaning and laundry services continues to increase, including solid growth expected from the commercial, industrial, healthcare, and hospitality industries. By offering commercial wash and fold services at your laundromat, you’ll open up the opportunity to access new customers, revenue streams, and growth opportunities.

The benefits of expanding commercial wash and fold services are numerous, and the market share is plenty. They offer laundry in greater volume and a painstakingly regular cadence. Not only are their invoices big, but you can count on them every single week and month. This creates a new, solid, long-standing revenue stream for your business.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what the commercial wash and fold market looks like and how to manage and grow commercial services at your laundry business. We’ll go in-depth about: 

  • The different types of commercial customers & how to win them
  • Important essentials to consider when preparing your business
  • What you’ll need to start, manage, and grow commercial wash and fold
  • Why you’ll need technology to provide next-level customer service

Whether you have well-laid plans for offering commercial services or you’re setting your sights on new heights, find out how you can build a successful commercial wash and fold operation to drive more revenue!


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